Committee on Climate Change (UK) release Pöyry report ‘Roadmap for Flexibility Services in the UK Electricity System to 2030’
Thursday, Jul 27, 2017
On June 30th 2017, the UK Committee on Climate Change (CCC) released a report by Pöyry and Imperial College London called Roadmap for Flexibility Services to 2030. The publication sets out a roadmap for improving the flexibility of the UK electricity system in a way that is consistent with the UK’s carbon budgets and accompanies the CCC’s 2017 Report to the UK Parliament: Meeting Carbon Budgets – Closing the Policy Gap.

The report describes how the need for flexibility will increase in low-carbon electricity systems with greater variable renewable generation and highlights the opportunities that technological development is creating to deliver this flexibility cost-effectively through a range of alternative providers including demand side response, interconnection and energy storage.

Drawing on research and stakeholder input, the report identifies four key aims of a future smart GB energy system:

-- the full system value offered by providers of flexibility should be signalled to ensure efficient investment decisions;
-- platforms and interfaces should be in place to manage greater complexity in system operation and control;
-- ongoing support for innovation in technology, services and operating models; and
-- active and effective consumer participation.

To achieve these aims, existing barriers must be overcome and the report proposes specific actions to enhance the market and regulatory framework.  Progress against these actions will be monitored by the CCC to ensure the UK economy remains on track to meet its carbon budget commitments.   

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