National Grid applies to build new substation for Network Rail electrification project
Friday, Oct 13, 2017
National Grid applies for planning consent for a new substation near Market Harborough to help Network Rail power Midland Main Line electrification

National Grid has submitted two planning applications for a new electricity substation and access road in Braybrooke parish near Market Harborough in Leicestershire.

The substation will provide electricity supplies to a proposed new trackside feeder station. Network Rail will build the trackside feeder station as part of its plans to upgrade the Midland Main Line.

National Grid has now submitted two separate planning applications for the electricity substation off Harborough Road and a permanent 1.6km long access road from Kettering Road, off the A6.

One of the planning applications is to Kettering Borough Council for the electricity substation and part of the new access road.

The other is to Harborough District Council for the remainder of the access road.

The new access road will keep construction and operational traffic away from Braybrooke and Market Harborough.

Andrea Robertson, project manager at National Grid, said: “The submission of the planning applications follows on from our successful community consultation last month which was attended by more than 60 people.

“Our planning application is for a substation compound which is approximately the size of one and a half football pitches. The substation will provide supplies to the proposed new trackside feeder station which Network Rail will build as part of its Midland Main Line upgrade and electrification programme. It’s a low-profile site and we intend to follow the topography of the land to keep the equipment height as low as possible. This will minimise what people will be able to see. “

The permanent 1.2km long access road to the north of the site, off Kettering Road will keep construction and operational traffic away from Braybrooke and Market Harborough where people live and where the roads are narrow.”

Construction is due to start towards the end of the year, subject to planning approval. The work is expected to take up to two years to complete.

The Midland Main Line railway is undergoing the largest upgrade since it was completed in 1870.

Upgrades to the line include track realignment, station remodelling, capacity works, bridge reconstructions and signalling improvements.

In addition, the line from Bedford via Kettering to Corby will be electrified by December 2019 – enabling faster, more efficient trains to operate on the network and a quieter, cleaner environment for lineside neighbours.

The new substation is one of four new supply points along the railway. The first at Charlton in London is underway. The second at Braybrooke is needed for October 2020.

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